Trainings and Consultancies:
Beyond Beirut gives workshops, trainings and public meeting for capacity building in the following themes:
-Hospitality such as service theory, food safety, customer etiquette and menu engineering.
-Local guides such as tour guide training and mountain guide training
-Business Management and marketing for small to medium enterprises in the tourism industry.

Destination Development Project Proposals:
Beyond Beirut works with rural communities to upgrade the services they offer to the tourism industry. The proposals Beyond Beirut offer are based on partnerships with the communities; they are integrated plans of action that target service quality improvement, product development and that link communities to Beyond Beirut channels.

Marketing Platform:
Beyond Beirut is constantly and actively working at developing its marketing channels. They are:

1- The Annual National Forum for Sustainable Tourism Development: This Lebanese Sustainable Tourism Forum is the first of its kind to promote dialogue and linkages among local tourism stakeholders involving entrepreneurs and municipalities in rural areas and between local and national tourism stakeholders, trying to expand sustainable tourism across the value chain to all regions of Lebanon. (October 5, 2011 click on link on the right!)

2- The Beyond Beirut website ( An online portal promoting Beyond Beirut values and supporting Beyond Beirut goals while bridging rural communities with the world wide web. We will shortly upgrade our website…keep checking!

3- The magazine “Lebanon Traveler”: “Lebanon Traveler” is committed to promoting the values of “Beyond Bei­rut” and “Hospitality News” Middle East. Lebanon Traveler reveals latest international tourism trends, presents updated statistics, carries in-depth interviews and relays rarely known information on Lebanese hot spots, alternative tourism destinations and rural communities. Lebanon Traveler, a quarterly publication with 5000 copies distributed to hotels, restaurants, embassies, cultural centers, municipalities, rural communities and the ministry of Tourism information office will be sold in major bookshops. The first issue is due to be out on June 14th, 2011.