Why sponsor us?

In sponsoring Beyond Beirut you would be making a change in the livelihood of:

Women in the rural areas, mainly (1) the network of Dhiafee, women and small family owned hotels and guest houses and other lodging facilities like camping, (2) the provision providers for dining and accommodation facilities

The local youth in the rural areas could benefit from generating income without being forced to displace in search of economic opportunities. Providing tourism services like local guides, nature reserve guards and other services indirectly related to tourism traffic like mechanics, facility management, laundry…etc.

We note here that Beyond Beirut is working on monitoring and evaluating its activities as in parallel to its implementation. Although this is a continuous challenge for all regional tourism development worldwide.

In sponsoring Beyond Beirut you would support Natural and Cultural Heritage conservation and the development of the economy as a whole;
By supporting the tourism industry Beyond Beirut activities supports the development of the whole industry and the development of linkages across the value chain. Which will positively affect most industries.

Click on the link below and download our sponsorship package to view the different sponsorship formulas and the different ways in which you can make a difference:
Sponsorship Package