The Annual Forum on National Sustainable Tourism Development
Second edition: Destination and Product Development

Beyond Beirut is a Lebanese based non-governmental organization with a Mission to encourage the development of sustainable tourism beyond the city limits of Beirut by creating a tourism industry platform for cooperation and market growth. Its main Vision is to transform tourism in areas Beyond Beirut into models for superior hospitality and community development. Among its basic Goals are raising awareness of the importance of tourism as an economic driver beyond Beirut, enhancing the quality of service, conserving natural and cultural heritage, promoting rural tourism as a means for sustainable economic and community development, enhancing potentials for job creation and retention, and encouraging public/private partnerships and policy making.


This Lebanese Sustainable Tourism Forum, organized by Beyond Beirut, is the first of its kind to promote dialogue and linkages among local tourism stakeholders and to involve entrepreneurs and municipalities in rural areas with national tourism stakeholders, in an effort to expand sustainable tourism across the value chain to all regions of Lebanon.
This second edition is about Destination and Product Development. Active municipalities and national tourism providers are provided with a platform to exchange views, discuss constraints and elaborate solutions with the goal of expanding local tourism in rural areas of Lebanon. Municipalities and national tourism providers are invited to share their experience on the topic through presentations during the first part of the forum. A workshop on product development will allow municipalities to brain storm on potential products to further develop post forum in their respective areas during the second part.


If you are a municipality representative, a member of a local development committee or a local community tourism provider:
– To establish fruitful contacts with national tourism providers;
– To be exposed to the requirements of national tourism providers and the constraints they face to better address them;
– To position your services and your region within the value chain;
– To get inspired for new products and new services;
– To channel this inspiration towards internationally recognized tourism trends.

If you are a national tourism provider:
– To be exposed to new rural potentials and services.
– To pave your way to your active participation in the economic development of rural areas and thus bring a value added to your operation.
– To diversify your portfolio
– To expose your requirements and the constraints you face to local tourism service providers with the goal of facilitating collaboration between both parties.

If you are an NGO working on rural tourism development:
– To get exposed to active communities and potential beneficiaries.
– To get exposed to the requirements of national tourism providers and the constraints they face to better address them in your work with your beneficiaries.


This Forum is composed of three main sessions and a workshop.

Session I: Tourism products in the Middle East
Session II: Communities’ experiences towards destination development
Session III: Product Development Initiatives around the world

First Part: Product Development phases
Second Part: Practical exercises

Wrap up:
Discussions & Recommendations: Next Year Forum and Side Events till Then


Attendance to this forum is by invitation to major players in the tourism sector such as:
– National tourism providers, active keen to develop new marketing directions.
– Local communities involved in developing tourism in their region such as municipalities and local tourism committees.
– Government organizations
– NGO and Non-Profit Organizations
– Local tourism providers such as hotel and guest-house owners and local guest houses.

Speakers are representatives of the following entities:
– Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon
– Union of Municipalities and Municipalities
– Tourism associations
– National Tourism Providers
– Independent Tourism experts

Registration fees for Forum: Free

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