Joe Naim

Joe Naim, who made a difference in his community, gives his advice on what to do when in Jezzine:

Winter Enjoy nature clothed in white snow. The waterfalls especially are exquisite to see in the chill of winter.
Spring Enjoy the environment green and flourishing. Go picnicking, hiking and horseback trekking.
Summer The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on 15 August. Lebaa’s August Festival. Roum in early September for the Vineyard Festival (Al Karma). And don’t forget the Bkassine Festival (Mar Takla Festival) around 24 September.
Fall Discover the color of nature and go bird watching. During this season the gathering of grapes and olives takes place and olive oil is produced. It is also a time for harvesting pine kernels to obtain pine nuts.

And what is the favorite activity of the consultant to the Union of Jezzine municipalities, Joe Naim?
“Hiking and nature exploration, and of course the festivals!”