Beyond Beirut has been working with the Municipality of Zgharta-Ehden on the elaboration of a brochure that features Ehden both as a destination and as a hub to discover the region. The brochure suggests 3 strolling itineraries within Ehden to discover the architecture and the religious landmarks of the town and a biking itinerary to enjoy the landscape of this beautiful region. It also lists the places to stay in Ehden for a night or 2 sharing the spirit of the place with the locals in the famous “Midan” center of town and planning for a day out at the Reserve, at the Cedars of God, or in the Qadisha Valley. The brochure lists specific information that allows the visitor to be totally independent although we strongly advise you to engage with a talk with the locals and ask for directions as there is nothing like interaction with the people of a region for a trip to leave a lifelong warm and convivial memory.

Beyond Beirut has been working with the Union of Jezzine Municipalities to establish a Touristic map of the region. More than 100 locations of interest were visited and assessed for their touristic interest and the region proved to be a never ending source of historical, architectural, religious, adventure, environmental and fun places to visit. The map lists hotels and restaurants of the region, allowing the visitor to spend a day or two in the region to discover its beauty and unique soul.

Click here to download the pdf brochure